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We are a vital community partner, deeply invested in the betterment of the people we serve. At Mutual Aid Ambulance, Service is Our Passion, and we are committed to delivering community-centered, people-focused care to you and your loved ones.

Although Mutual Aid Ambulance Service is here to respond to your emergencies, we also make ourselves available to you in other ways. You can spot us in schools, civic organizations, sporting events and businesses throughout Westmoreland and Fayette County promoting health and safety. You’ll also see us in your neighborhoods, following up with patients that have been discharged from the hospital.

Community Events

Mutual Aid Ambulance Service INC. serves many active communities with many pre-planned athletics events, festivals, concerts and spectator events. Mutual…

Mutual Aid EMS Andy the Ambulance

Andy the Ambulance

Mutual Aid EMS now employs Andy the Ambulance™. Andy is a remote-control ambulance replica. Andy is an innovative and effective…

Mutual Aid EMS Donate


Mutual Aid Ambulance Service INC, receives no direct subsidies from our municipalities, nor does it receive any revenue from the…

Mutual Aid EMS Schedule Event Coverage

Schedule Event Coverage

Mutual Aid EMS offers dedicated first aid, ambulance & other medical coverage for athletic events, stadiums, association conferences, parades, road…

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