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Andy the Ambulance

Andy the Ambulance

Mutual Aid EMS now employs Andy the Ambulance™.

Andy is a remote-control ambulance replica. Andy is an innovative and effective way to teach hazard awareness, injury prevention, and EMS interactions.

Andy is a fully animated safety education robot; he moves, carries on a 2-way conversation, activates his lights and siren, all by remote control! Andy is equipped with warning lights that flash and just like a real ambulance. He presents a positive and friendly image to young and old alike.

Andy is able to be used with great success in classrooms, assemblies, mall exhibits, fairs, and other settings. Andy is just the right size for teaching children. He can communicate with them at their level. He is perfect for hugs and kisses from small friends. With his headlights, taillights, flashing warning lights, and bright colors, Andy is highly visible.

Andy is able to be booked for any of your events by calling Mutual Aid EMS at (724) 837-6134.

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