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Community Events

Events, Festivals & Concerts

Mutual Aid Ambulance Service INC. serves many active communities with many pre-planned athletics events, festivals, concerts and spectator events. Mutual Aid EMS plays a critical role in the event planning of many, if not most, of these events through our Special Operations division.

Mutual Aid EMS reviews all events that we are contacted for, and ensures that all the events are staffed with necessary resources for the potential medical needs of the attendees and participants of events. Within our service areas, the Special Operations team works with the various promoters and community agencies to make certain that events have sufficient medical support.

Special Operations maintains a close relationship with our fellow Public Safety members and county agencies involved in event planning and risk mitigation. We also have strong ties to all outside of our area’s EMS responders and fire departments medical to guarantee seamless patient care.

Mutual Aid EMS staff provides medical support for a variety of events such as:

  • Sporting Events at School Districts and Colleges
  • Recreational Leagues
  • Delmont Apple`n Arts Festival
  • Fort Ligonier Days
  • Greensburg Days
  • Pittsburgh Steelers Training Camp (St. Vincent College)
  • Westmoreland Arts & Heritage Festival (Twin Lakes Park)
  • Westmoreland County Airshow (Arnold Palmer Regional Airport)
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