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Mobile Integrated Health

Mobile Integrated Health (MIH)

The goal of the MIH (Mobile Integrated Health) is to prevent unnecessary emergency department visits, hospital admissions and/or readmissions. Readmissions occur unnecessarily from a variety of reasons, including but not limited to, poor transitional care, educational deficits, and psychosocial deficits. Patients who are unnecessarily hospitalized have greater opportunity to be exposed to infections and suffer avoidable stress.

Such exposures may complicate existing conditions and contribute to higher morbidity and mortality rates.

MIH aims to limit the frequency of unnecessary hospitalizations by performing focused patient assessment and providing treatment within the confines of patients’ own homes. With the intent of keeping the patient at home and under the care of their primary care providers, risks associated with the catch-all safety net of an emergency department and/or an unnecessary readmission are avoided.

In addition to reducing the risk of exposure and associated complications, this approach to patient-centered care allows the patient to maintain continuity of environment and established support systems, receive more efficient and cost-effective care, and access a resource to address low acuity conditions. Untreated, such conditions might otherwise escalate into higher acuity conditions, potentially requiring emergent care and hospitalization.

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