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Tactical Medic Team

Tactical Medical Team (TEMS)

In 1992 Mutual Aid Ambulance Service in cooperation with Pennsylvania State Police, started a Tactical Medical Team (TEMS). This 9-member team is staffed by vetted and specially trained Mutual Aid Ambulance Service Paramedics.

Mutual Aid Ambulance Service believes that all team medics should have a solid foundation based on the military medicine model, Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC). Team clinical guidelines include the three phases of TCCC known as Care Under Fire (CUF), Tactical Field Care (TFC), and Tactical Evacuation Care (TACEVAC). Every team member is an instructor in TCCC. The unit trains and deploys with Pennsylvania State Police SERT West for operations in the western part of Pennsylvania.

The Team provides primary EMS support for the Pennsylvania State Police SERT Team. This unit is often deployed for Special Entry/Felony Warrant Teams, Dignitary Protection, Civil Disturbances, and Hostage Situations. The TEMS members are equipped with specialized advanced life support (ALS) equipment and personal ballistic protective gear to carry out their mission safely.

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