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Utility Terrain Vehicle

Mutual Aid Ambulance Service UTV is a newly formed team within our company. Mutual Aid has secured and purchased a Can-Am 2021 Defender 6×6 UTV. This UTV has been specially up-fitted for deployments, where a normal ambulance would not have access. The UTV has been up-fitted with an enclosed glass heated and cooled cab system, complete with high powered LED lights for search missions.

The UTV also up-fitted with a winch system mounted on front of the 6×6. The bed of the UTV has been fitted for a standard EMS stretcher system, complete with seats for caregivers. The UTV has an optional waterproof canvas cover system which will protect patients and caregivers from the elements. The UTV can be deployed for any off road or search and rescue mission to which normal vehicles would not be able to access.

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